Hi I'm Soren, I draw stuff if I'm not having a crisis or touching grass
This is my corner so congrats for stumbling here, have a cup of tea☕
Notice; Commissions are open, It's me, Hi, I'm the sponsor it's me

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| Art status

  • Collabs; --

  • Requests; --

  • Trades; Mutuals / Ask

Commissions are currently closed

If you have ordered or asked for a commission already you're safe and can still order no worries! Closing these briefly just to fix some prices for the next reopening
For any questions you can email me at Hanjeoo.sb@gmail.com
or hit me on discord at Sor_en#3079

| Before commissioning

  • Working pace may vary depending on the type of commission

  • Preferred form of payment; RLC only - Ko-fi occasionally (1€ = 1,5 USD roughly)

  • Payment must be sent within 48 hours of confirming the order, if needed it can be extended to a week

  • Refunds will be made only if the artwork can't be completed on my side

  • For big artworks you will receive updates every once in a while (sketch - lineart preview)

| About art

  • Unless discussed previously you are not allowed to use my art for commercial usage

  • Please don't use my art if you're not the owner of the characters represented

  • No reposting (mostly for personal art)- I repost my garbage sometimes so no need to do that

  • You can use my art for reference if properly credited, as long as it's not used for personal gain

  • Crediting is always appreciated if using my stuff

| Commercial usage

Felt like specifying this section as I want to be clear and wholeheartedly support new creators
By commercial usage I mean ways one can profit from directly, examples being merch designs or (for example) Twitch emotes + Badges- in the aforementioned cases prices will be higher because of that fact so the commercial usage "fee" is already covered in that field nothing to worry about
Decorative items will not fall under this sections (example icons/Screens/Panels) unless you're considering making something out of it they will have no usage fees
So as usual if you have any question feel free to ask, I would like my clients to be as open with me as I am with them as it makes the transaction more smooth

My art consists of mostly personal pieces, very few fanarts, and ends with commissions. With this premise I do not allow my art to be used in any shape or form for anything (commissions do not fall in this as it can be discussed with the commissioner)


  • My art is not intended to be used in any cryptovalute deals and stuff, I do not wish to be involved in this joke nor do I support it, any inquiries regarding this topic will end up in a block or ignored no questions asked

  • My art is not intended to be used for monetary gains-scams-exploits, this now includes being incorporated in AI art, I also don't support this- please prepare your face for a punch if you decide to do this to my art thank you

  • I'm open to collaborations or projects as long as it's not damaging others, if that's the case once again prepare your face thank you! In this server we like to treat others with kindness

Before ordering make sure to familiarize yourself with my Terms please∼
Sections are messy don't mind that please//


| Fullbody icon

  • Price; 20€

  • Size; 50px - Zoomed 100px

Icons are baseless (except for the head base) so they can be easily customized at willPrice includes; Blink,bounce and one extra simple animation
Detailed or complex characters will be simplified
If you have a specific pose or animation request feel free to let me know!

| Tiny Doll

  • Price; 30€

  • Extra character; + 20€

Very detailed characters will be simplified, static
You can ask for a simple blink animation tho (it's on the house)

| Fullbody Chibi

  • Price; 40 €

  • Extra character; + 30€

Animation is not included but can be added if wanted, price may change based on difficulty
Add-ons such as simple backgrounds or items (see examples) are free of charge


| Windows.exe bundle

  • Price; 80 €

Upon completion you will receive all the single pixel styles and a window collage of everything
-Icon is animated by default (blink + bouncy)
-Pixel bust style has two expressions (standard + extra)
If you want to change a style or add something feel free (price may change depending on that)
The Pixel flairs/Badge an Pixel Bust style are offered only with this bundle for now

| Chibi scene

  • Base price; Starts at 100 €

Base price includes; One pixel doll and simple background,by default you will receive the normal and 200% zoomed version of the pixel including a separate file of just the pixel dollIf you have a budget please do let me know when asking and we can work around it
Price will change accordingly to the difficulty of the request,tho other factors such as the number of characters,extra animations or complex background may influence that
For twitch starting screens please reference this,tho price


| Commissions

  • Mimi 90s doll; Coloring

  • Minako starting screen; Coloring

  • Pin Tiniest x4; Starting

  • Will be updating this with current things I'm doing,Lazy to move to-do list from excel to here

| Other

  • Raffle prizes; Tiniest

  • Tiny challenge goal; 50/50 (alts not included)