Soren ⬦ Shapeshifter

In case of doubt; Cyanide You're welcome

Welcome to my nerd corner

I'm Soren or Hanjeoo, your neighbor Grandcat, Arsonist or Dilf Hunter - whatever is your pick basically

I will (not) be your guide around here as the website is pretty simple enough for my brain to comprehend, if you bring food please make sure that it's not a stab for my Italian heart thank you💖

Now that you're here, have a cup of tea☕

Page layout was inspired by one of Arunyi's templates so be sure to check more cool templates on her site!

This page took me months to complete (six to be precise), a lot of sweat to make it work decently and fit it to my style until I was happy with it. A lot of people like and use the W95 aesthetic and I myself enjoyed this concept for years, going as far back as 2017 when Deviantart had custom boxes... Damn those were good times

Returning to the point; if you don't like the theme it's fine, but if you're gonna hate it for what happened online please don't - I don't care if you yell at me but don't bother others who may have used / use / are gonna use it in the future

The theme is not privately owned by a single individual or custom, it's owned by Microsoft as far as I'm aware and has been used by many

About that situation going on: don't ask me opinions or where I stand, after a decade of neglecting myself because "someone out there may have it worse than me" I'm putting my mental well being first. Trust me when I say that's a spiral I don't want to go down into, but I'm glad that the interned has been my escape from a situation that never accepted me

Additional section because I need it for my psyche but I absolutely despise the people going out of their ways to send death threats to both parties and acting like that will help the victims - not understanding that they're harming both parties in the process

If one of the peeps who do or did that stumbles here please seek therapy, and second do not interact. If you're so keen on insisting that you're on the right side of history do something more constructive instead of spreading hate online

Hi, if you're here it means you have been blocked on Twitter (or other social medias) so here's a few reasons why that happened and what that means

I never believed in black lists, I get straight to the point and block people, think whatever you want of that but I want my online space to be positive and I'll do anything that will grant me that peace of mind

Usually I block people who partake in harassment, harmful, offensive, toxic and illegal behaviours -

If you're not in that list it's likely that I stumbled upon a callout post (for whatever reason) and did not want to interact with you both casually or for business, this is mostly relegated to art related stuff

What does this mean?

If you have been blocked for whatever reason, I ask you to refrain from reaching out and bring your business elsewhere, as by default I will not accept orders from people I have blocked for the aforementioned reasons

| Before commissioning

Please note that my working pace may vary depending on the type of commission and how busy I am offline

Upon ordering you will automatically be put on my waiting list, payment will not be asked until I have the time to work on the commission, so you are absolutely free to refuse my services if you are no longer interested!

Preferred form of payment; RLC only - Ko-fi occasionally (1€ = 1,5 USD roughly)

⬦ If the payment is not received within 48 hours - 1 week max your order will be deleted by default

⬦ Refunds will be made only if the artwork can't be completed on my side

⬦ For big artworks you will receive updates as I work on the piece if you have left me any form of contact (discord/email), you're free to ask for changes as I work on the piece

| About art

⬦ Unless discussed previously you are not allowed to use my art for commercial usage

⬦ Please don't use my art if you're not the owner of the characters represented

⬦ No reposting (mostly for personal art)- I repost my garbage sometimes so no need to do that

⬦ You can use my art for reference if properly credited, as long as it's not used for personal gain

⬦ Crediting is always appreciated if using my stuff

Felt like specifying this section as I want to be clear and wholeheartedly support new creators

⬦ By commercial usage I mean ways one can profit from directly, examples being merch designs or (for example) Twitch emotes + Badges- in the aforementioned cases prices will be higher because of that fact so the commercial usage "fee" is already covered in that field nothing to worry about

⬦ Decorative items will not fall under this sections (example icons/Screens/Panels) unless you're considering making something out of it they will have no usage fees

So as usual if you have any question feel free to ask, I would like my clients to be as open with me as I am with them as it makes the transaction more smooth

| Overall

◈ My art consists of mostly personal pieces, very few fanarts, and ends with commissions. With this premise I do not allow my art to be used in any shape or form for anything (commissions do not fall in this as it can be discussed with the commissioner)

◈ My art is not intended to be used in any cryptovalute deals and stuff, I do not wish to be involved in this joke nor do I support it, any inquiries regarding this topic will end up in a block or ignored no questions asked

◈ My art is not intended to be used for monetary gains-scams-exploits, this now includes being incorporated in AI art, I also don't support this- please prepare your face for a punch if you decide to do this to my art thank you

◈ I'm open to collaborations or projects as long as it's not damaging others, if that's the case once again prepare your face thank you! In this server we like to treat others with kindness

Click on one of the pixels to get directed to my shop(s)!

If there's something particular you're interested in but isn't on either feel free to send me an email or a message on any platform

I'm always open to new ideas or projects so don't be shy or afraid to ask any questions if you have any :3<

Please before commissioning make sure to read my Terms carefully as by commissioning me you're agreeing them by default; Refer to this in case you find yourself blocked

Just a list of some pieces in particular that made me scream, mostly starting screens or scenes

Will update this from time to time as I do more of these, I have no idea on how to things so enjoy this very crude gallery